"Playin’ On the Tracks" is the compelling story of Carter Robertson’s transformation from a child of the rural Pentecostal church culture to a world-class performer at the epicenter of Country Music’s “Outlaw Movement”. From California’s Dust Bowl heritage of the 1950s to the Height-Ashbury of the 60s and 70s, this quintessentially American tale chronicles her journey of innocence, turmoil, and triumph in parallel with one of the most turbulent periods in the country’s history. "Playin’ On the Tracks" is your backstage pass to Carter’s irreverent and inspiring world, where Country music rules, humor softens real life tragedies, and perceived failures result in redemption and the attainment of the American Dream.

“Very seldom does one get to experience the view from inside the circle around a superstar artist like we do in Carter Robertson’s “Playin’ On The Tracks.” Recollections of her years as part of Country music’s famed Outlaw movement with none other than Waylon Jennings are told with candor, grace and conviction. What we see here is the transformation of a girl who ‘shot for the moon’ and found a sunrise on the other side.”

John Zarling, VP/Promotion & Media Strategy – Big Machine Label Group

 "If you want an escape from your life into the hard living, hard choices of a beautiful gifted blond...let this book show you how to trip through poverty, lack, and…heartbreak, with heartless people along her path...to the beauty of God's hand choosing her to ride the Train To Heaven!!!!!! You'll laugh, cry, and be moved to a different level of perspective.

Jessi Colter Jennings, iconic singer, songwriter and entertainer

"Carter Robertson is my musical family.  It's a bond that not many people understand, and even less are lucky enough to experience. Playin' On The Tracks is a wild, loving & good-timin' account of a young California girl's ascension from humble beginnings into the upper echelon of the Country Rock pantheon full of unexpected melodies, sweet harmonies and wild crescendos that keeps you hanging on every good-hearted word." Shooter Jennings, Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer

 “Seeing Carter Robertson perform live is like being a kid sitting on the porch, listening to your mom tell family stories that you never get tired of hearing.  Carter's amazing voice, interwoven with stories of her life, will tug at your heart, bringing joy and tears at the same time. Her music is just downright good.  And now she has taken her live show and put it to pages.  Do your heart a favor.  Read this book.  See her live.” Greg Janese, The Paradigm Agency

This one thought is worth the price of the book: ‘If you spin, marginalize, and homogenize the dark places of your life, you do an ultimate disservice to the generations to come. Redemption is the thread that holds the tapestry together and makes it truly beautiful.’  Thanks, Carter, for letting me reflect, laugh and cry with you.”

Steve Green, award winning recording artist and Christian Music Hall of Fame Inductee