Today is a milestone. Today I hand over another piece of my life to strangers…Today the film, Playin’ on the Tracks-LIVE , based on my memoir by the same title, goes to the final step in the production process.

For the past year, my husband Barny and I have racked up countless hours preparing for this filming adventure. We’ve partnered up with other professionals and watched, as our vision became theirs. They made it better. We’ve made thousands of decisions, called in every favor possible, strategized, dreamed, networked, spent more money than we have (seriously), went way outside of our comfort zone and launched a necessary funding campaign. We’ve had sleepless nights, worrying about how we will provide for others and ourselves. We’ve questioned our sanity on a daily basis and agonized over everything, big and small, and now, it’s time to release our grip and trust.

So why? Why have we sacrificed so much, gambled on a dream, risked our reputation and financial well being? We don’t have the backing of a company or even a sponsor with deep pockets. But sometimes we are called to give even when we are spent and resources are scarce. Just like the parable of the little boy with five loaves of bread and two fishes, God will provide when we make the choice to give even when it seems small. What we have is a story. When performed live the response has been overwhelmingly positive and is one of the reasons I keep going. It makes people think, laugh, get angry and yes, sometimes cry. It’s not through evangelistic manipulation or dramatic slide-of-hand, it’s simply an invitation to step through the door into a different time, and perhaps while there, give yourself permission to remember and connect.

Has it been worth it? Fair question. I suspect, based on my past history of falling down and getting back up, that in the final analysis, it will be more than worth it. I’m just not certain one can quantify the benefits and results of this kind of investment. In a very real sense, there are eternal implications. Isn’t that how we help to raise the next generation, by warning them of the consequences of careless decisions and sharing the good that’s possible? Shoot, if nothing else, my children, grandchildren and the generations to come will know the importance of embracing life, and not being stingy with lessons that continue to be learned. We’re all students whether we recognize it or not. One thing I do know, adversity is a very efficient teacher.

This Thanksgiving I will be thanking God for trusting me with a story He authored and is giving me the courage to share with others. Oh and I'll definitely be thanking God for blessing me with an incredible family and some totally crazy friends who love me and refuse to take me as seriously as I take myself. It's all good.

Hugs all around!

Happy Thanksgiving Week, Y'all!!