Summer, Friends, Family and Music!

"Playin on the Tracks," June 14, 2016 at the Franklin Theatre

"Playin on the Tracks," June 14, 2016 at the Franklin Theatre

With temperatures in the 3 digit range here in good ol’ Nashville, TN. it’s rather a sound confirmation that Summer has arrived! With every steamy sunrise I am reminded of being a kid and running through the sprinklers in our backyard. Such simple fun! Fast forward a few years and I find myself still loving the lazy days of summer, with the exception being that the days are not quite so lazy, can I get an Amen?!

The past few months have been a whirlwind. Our tour in California could not have gone better. We met new people, and celebrated life with our friends and family. From California’s rugged coastline, sprawling ranches in the great San Joaquin Valley and some of the finest boutique wineries in Northern California, Barny and I found ourselves saying, “It’s good to be alive!” We have rarely enjoyed sharing our music more. 

After returning home to Tennessee we couldn’t help but wonder what the next show would bring. On June 14th we partnered up with the Nikki Mitchell Foundation and took Playin’ on the Tracks to the historic Franklin Theatre in downtown Franklin. Members of Waylon Jennings’ band, our bandmates, Richie Albright and Jerry Bridges backed us up on drums and bass. Also joining us was Fred Newell, (steel guitar player who also toured and recorded with Waylon) and well known guitarist Paul Brannon. Our daughters, Carter’s Chord sang back up vocals while old friend and previous stage manager Steve Gudis kept it all running smoothly. Jeremiah Scott (member and producer of the metal band, Demon Hunter) mixed sound for us! It was beyond fun!!

But wait, that’s not all! Long time friend and artist Jessi Colter joined us in our living room on the stage, singing one of our favorites, “I’m Not Lisa” followed by “Without You”, both a huge crowd pleaser! The night continued like a good old fashioned family reunion when the one and only world renowned guitarist Reggie Young and bandmate in Waymore’s Blues Band, and cellist Jenny Lynn Young came out and played on “Couple More years.”

Does it get any better? Yes! Because the reason for the evening was to honor our dear friend, Nikki Mitchell who passed away in 2013 after running Waylon’s office for 22 years and to support her dream of the Nikki Mitchell Foundation in their drive to help fund research in the fight for a cure for Pancreatic Cancer. With a near capacity crowd, we all did just that! Not only did ticket prices go toward this goal but the foundation itself was embraced by the business community and the wonderful supporters in Middle Tennessee. Our hearts are full!

Thanks to all who support this great family of artists and who choose to be a part of a community that loves well.