Welcome To Carter's website!

Welcome to all who are dropping by my website for the first time, and welcome back to all who continue to be a part of our musical journey! C’mon in and make yourself comfortable.

I’ll be doing more writing this year, a sequel to “Playin’ on the Tracks” perhaps? The team and I are also gearing up for a California House Concert tour May 15-30, a couple of recording projects, the partnering up with the Nikki Mitchell Foundation bringing "Playin' on the Tracks-LIVE!" to the historic Franklin Theatre on June 14th with some old friends, and wait for it, wait for it, the long awaited audio book of “Playin’ on the Tracks!” I’m excited and thankful to have ya’ll on board!

Enjoy the site!

Carter & Team

Interested in booking your own House Concert? Need more information? Please contact us at bookings@carterrobertson.com 

In other great news, the DVD of the stage production of "Playin' on the Tracks--LIVE!" is available, along with the book, CD and other cool merch! Check out our store to get a little somethin' for yourself or your friends and family. Whoop! Whoop! as ol' Waylon would say!

This site is full of music, videos, blogs, upcoming concerts and shows, a store and LOTS of pictures! So c'mon in and browse around, make yourself comfortable and enjoy!